A case study of one of the most infamous marketing strategies gone wrong.

You are working laboriously at your shop which you managed to build after years of hard work. Though you know it is a low-paying job, it provides for the means of survival in a slowly developing country. Your attention is then caught by a television advertisement announcing that you could…

While most brands stay on an eternal drive for a distinguishable brand recall virtue, Netflix has gone one step ahead by bringing a big change to their already vastly popular asset.

In the present day, there is nothing more ubiquitous in a movie experience than the signature sound of the Netflix theme playing in the background of its logo. …

Inside the Shawarma Paradox and its implications for the country.

In this country, the usual way of casually greeting someone is by saying ‘habibi’, which translates to ‘my love’. However, in the past few weeks, the words have changed to “hamdellah ’al salama”, or ‘Thank God for your safety’. Lebanon has been suffering from the malpractices of a corrupt government…

Anmol Bhotika

Brain capacity filled with weird questions about life, the universe and everything.

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